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Elias Moreno & Vincent Palomera’s passion and goal is quality, not quantity. With over 20 years of experience in Solano County and surrounding wine country, Moreno Palomera and The Elite Partners know the market – both the openly listed and discreetly (Whisper Listings) available inventory. Together with their partners, they are uniquely qualified to offer the highest level of technology, innovative marketing and professional services. Every property has a story and we would love to tell yours.   



Elias has been a real estate agent for over 20 years. He assembled his Elite Team when he realized people needed a one-stop-shop for all their Real Estate needs.

Vincent has a passion for Flip Homes & Wholesale Investments. He has a knack for finding properties whose value has the potential to increase exponentially! It also means He has a great eye and lots of connections with Cash Buyers, Investors, contractors, landscapers and anyone else you might need to flip your investment and sell for big profits! 

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We live in one America’s Farm-to-Fork destinations. The cities are buzzing with things to taste, see, and savor. We invite you to pick your pleasure, whether it’s our farm-fresh restaurants, plentiful farmers markets, home-grown breweries, colorful street murals, Suisun Valley Wine Country, or a sunset walk along the waterfront. Community is where it all starts. Let’s Discover Your Next Community.

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Global Connections

Over 130,000 Agents Worldwide in over 110+ countries you can be assured your home will be seen around the world.

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RE/MAX Gold Nation sells a home every 18 minutes. More than any other real estate brokerage in California.

$1.5+ Billion

With over 30 years local market sales and over $1.5 billion sold you can trust your dealing with experts who will get it done

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Check our reviews. Our client's love us. We put in the work, and always put you first. Trust, integrity, honesty and passion!

If you live here already, you know how blessed we are. If you’re considering living or investing here, you’ve probably experienced some of the area’s extraordinary possibilities: country settings and small-town communities; enthralling agricultural beauty, and true farm to fork lifestyle, If Northern California is your real estate destination, you’ve arrived at the right spot. Whether you’re looking to buy your first home – or to sell an estate – expect nothing less from us than a Meritage blend of real estate expertise, professional service, creativity, and a passion for achieving your goals. 

What Our Beautiful Happy Clients Say

Elias has been our go-to expert for all our real estate needs. With his help we got top dollar for the home which sold in record time. We’d highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell.

-Bryan Stackich

Elias and Vincent are very knowledgeable about the real estate market and about how to treat people. They deserves a score of excellent, A+, and a gold medal. They helped us with the sale of our house when we were out of town allowing for showings and being sure that everything was safe, and then keeping in contact with us about all of the information.

-Liz & Michael Watt

Vincent did a wonderful job locating a house in the range we could afford. He was with us for every question and if he didn’t know the answer he wasn’t afraid to search for it. Such a wonderful and professional man. I would highly recommend using him.

-Jan Nemeyer

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